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ONE MINUTE (The Barn, 2018)

'It takes a powerful turn from Rebecca Crankshaw, clinging to brittle, gracious rationalism as the missing child’s mother Dr Schults, to finally shatter the production’s stiff crispness.'

The Stage

'Rebecca Crankshaw delivers a spellbinding turn as the mother'

Stage Review

THE SPANISH TRAGEDY (The Old Red Lion, 2016)

'Rebecca Crankshaw quietly rages like a tiger who has lost her cub.'

Lyn Gardner for The Guardian

'Rebecca Crankshaw is particularly impressive as Hieronimo'

West End Wilma

THE OPEN COUPLE (The Albany, 2017)

'Crankshaw is the mastermind to putting all at ease [sic] while simultaneously behaving more and more outrageously. Crankshaw and Picton exhibit a wonderful anti-chemistry on stage that is endearing and believable.'

A Younger Theatre

AFFECTION (The Glory, 2016)

'Affection’s predominant themes are magnified chiefly by Rebecca Crankshaw. A pleasure to watch, she unequivocally commands the space, her clear, firm vocal tone cleverly used to hammer home the message “This is a protest”.'

West End Wilma

'Even this imperfect character earns our sympathy (played by a stoic and very strong Rebecca Crankshaw – and the only woman in the company to boot)'

Gay Times

NINA AND SHAZ (Brockley Jack, 2009)

'Rebecca Crankshaw is excellent as her [Shaz's] mother'

British Theatre Guide

'Kyla Frye excels in the scenes with her pushy mother (an excellent Rebecca Crankshaw)'


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